Is your money just sitting in your savings account, sleeping?

It’s time to wake it up!  Let’s make your money work hard for you.


Dear Colleague,

Grow Your Money

If you are looking for a good passive-income business opportunity here in the Philippines (whether you’re here or not), then this is the most important website you’ll ever read.

Because the three key criteria to good businesses are:

  • Profitability,
  • Surety of that profit, and
  • Consistency of that security.

To give you an idea, this is:

  • NOT Franchising,
  • NOT Network Marketing or MLM,
  • NOT Real Estate Investing, Buying and Selling,
  • NOT Get paid to do surveys,
  • NOT Online Store,
  • NOT a scam (definitely).

This is:

  • A legitimate business, complete with renting a commercial space, and
  • An invitation to a “partnership” opportunity.


But first, I have two questions for you.


  1. If you have one full month of vacation for yourself, and you get to have one full month of your salary for that month without the need to go to work or do a job, what will you do? And
  2. If, heaven forbid, you get sick and you are unable to work for the next 90 days, will you still be able to earn money and provide for your family’s needs?

Because I was able to experience both, and this business model proved to be the best example of passive income that would allow you to (a) take a vacation as often as you like, or (b) give you a sense of income security in spite of what worse could happen.


The next few paragraphs in the box below contain a short story about me and my most recent painful and happy experiences.  If you’re not interested about me and my adventures, you may skip ahead and start reading after the story box.  It’s just a side story if you wish to get to know a bit more about me.


Some of you may know, about one year ago as of writing this, I had a terrible accident …

I had motorcycle crash, and it broke my elbow (shattered, six fragments).  It was the most painful and agonizing experience of my life so far.   I’m talking about hospital visits, needles, a series of tests, X-rays, therapies and an elbow surgery.

I was immobile for about three months.

My arm was in a cast for ten straight weeks.  During which, I felt I was the most useless person in the world—because I couldn’t do anything but to eat, watch movies, and just feel sorry for myself.  Three months of being dependent to my care takers (thank God they took very good care of me).

medical papers, medical documents, and more medical stuff!

I’m glad to be still alive.  But what happened to me, I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy.  I have learned my lesson, and I don’t think I will ride another motorcycle again anytime soon.

Now for the happy part

As of writing this webpage, I just got back from a month-and-a-half-long vacation.  You’re probably aware that the Philippines has four seasons:

  • Hot,
  • Very Hot,
  • Really Very Hot, and finally,
  • [F-word] HOT! (hot as hell!)

Yes, talk about tropical climates.  So our family decided that this winter break, we’d be visiting Tokyo—just to cool down for the holidays.  The plan was to stay there, eat local food, and do sight-seeing for seven days.  A week went by, and they decided to head for home.

I had other ideas though

I decided to skip the plane going back to Manila, and went on a side trip to Taiwan instead.  I really wanted to improve my Chinese language skills, so I went ahead and enrolled in a language university.  Good thing they welcomed me for a month, just enough for my visa.

Mandarin Class in Taiwan
Last day of my Mandarin classes in Taiwan, January 26, 2016

Best decision I’ve made yet in my life.

And also, yet the best month-long vacation of my life!


The good part of both of these experiences is that my income did not stop because I couldn’t physically work.

I’m particularly proud of this accomplishment because (a) it has proven that our team has created a systematized, scalable, and replicable (expandable) business system, and (b) we have created one of the best examples of the businessman’s most sought-after money making formula.


Let me tell you how and why…

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the famous Rich Dad Books Series, says that if you start a business, and the business cannot run without you, then you don’t own the business—because the business owns you.

Time vs Money
He also said, if you start a business, it turns out to be profitable, you can leave it behind, and STILL make good money with it, then not only your business is sustainable, you also own a money-making machine!


Does this sound too good to be true?

If so, is that a good enough reason to stop looking at it?


Then let me show you how we’ve done it…

The integral parts of our success system are trust, loyalty, and dedication.  I am proud to say that I am working with the best people anyone can find.  And we didn’t start with silver spoons in our mouths.  We didn’t start as experts in our given fields.

We started out with very humble beginnings.  Some of us (you might not believe this) can’t even turn on or turn off a computer properly when they started!

But we found out that we have within ourselves qualities that are more important than technical skills.  We worked with our determination, our desire to learn, and our dedication to improve and serve our customers well.

This translated to sleepless nights, countless seminars, a lot of trials and errors, and frustrations and successes here and there.  And to this day, we are still committed to improving ourselves, our businesses, and our skills.  We still make mistakes and still learn from them every now and then.

Continue to improve ourselves and our skills
One of the many seminar-workshops our team attended and continues to attend to improve ourselves and our skills.

We shed blood, sweat and tears, and we’ve gone through great uncertainties, so you don’t have to.


I will not beat around the bush.  The business model I’m talking about is Cybercafé.

Also known as internet cafés, LAN Shops, or computer shops.


Now you are probably wondering…

How could renting out computers for Php15 per hour each make money, let alone create passive income?

One thing is for sure:  I also asked myself that question.  So your concern is really valid.


Up to now, after some expansions, we are still operating three cybercafés, and I am helping my uncle sustain his two cybercafés as well.  And these shops, according to our financial reports, are still making profits.

We started three years ago with just one (1) shop.  And now, three are running.  I say these expansions are better proofs that the cybercafé business is profitable, and will continue to be profitable here in the Philippines.


And what is the biggest secret in building a cybercafé, making it profitable, and keeping it well-maintained?

One word:  System.

Cybercafe Admin Station
Admin Station of our most recent expansion

The said system will ensure you of profitability, security, and consistency.  To give you an overview of what to expect, we’ve listed the critical points of this system.  It’s as follows:

  1. Place to rent
    1. Admin counter table / cabinet setup
    2. Air Conditioning Requirements
    3. Sanitary Requirements
  2. Construction phase
    1. The most cost efficient and cost effective use of wood for client and server tables
    2. Avoiding the biggest hazard (and most bothersome trouble) with proper electrical materials
    3. Eliminating eyesores in your vicinity
    4. Properly placing related equipment together
    5. Time tables for construction
  3. Equipment
    1. Client computers specifications
    2. Diskless setup vs Traditional with hard drive setup
    3. Lagless gameplay for online games (Hint: It’s more than Internet connection problem!)
    4. Timer / client use time controller
    5. Why a printer-server is necessary
    6. CCTV Setup (DVR vs PC-based)
    7. Wifi Rental Vouchers
  4. Auditing and Financial Management
    1. If you don’t have the cash right now, we can also teach you ways and means to produce your initial capital.
    2. Keeping track of the daily sales
    3. The role of cloud computing
    4. Preparation of the monthly income reports
  5. Human Resources Development
    Christmas Party
    Annual Christmas Party, December 2013
    1. Avoiding the biggest mistake 80% of cybercafé owners make when dealing with employees.
    2. How to setup regular attendance schedules
      1. Working days
      2. Regular Days off (very critical)
    3. Training, development, and delegation of tasks
    4. Employee privileges
      1. Computer usage
        1. Games
        2. Internet usage
        3. School work
        4. Research
        5. Limits of usage
      2. Wifi Access
      3. Printer access
      4. Employee side income opportunities
      5. Cash advance policies
    5. Ensuring the single most important factor in developing employees
      1. CULTURE
        1. Integrity
        2. Dedication
        3. Loyalty
        4. Respect
        5.  Concern
          1. for one’s own welfare,
          2. for colleagues, and
          3. for the business / their work


Come on, take a look at the other successful business models we see today.  Fast food chains for example.  These businesses can be run by people who barely graduated from teenage acne.  They don’t have complicated education, and their parents probably wouldn’t trust them to drive their Volvo.  But these kids are parts of a successful 50-, 100-, or even 500-billion dollar industry worldwide.

And, again, one word summarizes why it is successful:  System.

Please don’t get me wrong.  We are not promising that we can turn your Php50, 000 into Php100, 000 in six months’ time.  I will not exaggerate and oversell this money-making strategy to you.

It’s better we’re clear—our system is not perfect.  But, it is workable, and profitable.

And secure.  And consistent.


The key to making money with cybercafés is to maintain a small, considerable profit on a regular basis, and keep it steady and expanding after ROI.  Eventually, after a bit of time, you can start reaping and enjoying a decent amount of income.  Probably enough to afford some additional comfort, and a few short local vacations for the year.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Up to now, it still excites me to look back into my recent extended vacation.  I’m also excited and looking forward to the potential of this business model, and the system we developed.


So how can you take advantage of and profit from this emerging opportunity?

We will discuss together two options:

  1. To be a creditor.
    Should you choose to be a creditor to us, your role is to simply lend us money.
    We will, of course, agree to an equitable and fair interest rate (definitely higher than what Time Deposits and Savings Accounts offer). We will also set an agreeable payment plan, which will depend on our discussion.To summarize, as a creditor, your involvement will be:

    1. Lend us money.
      — With interest rates higher than time deposits or savings accounts
    2. Collect interest every month
    3. Collect portion of the principal every month.
  2. To be a business partner.
    Should you choose to be an a partner, your role is to simply finance our venture together, and our team shall do the rest.
    We will have to wait for the construction of our new cybercafé to finish, then month after, we can start collecting dividends on a monthly basis.
    Of course, just like the other option above, we will discuss and agree to an equitable and fair business relationship.To summarize, as a partner, your involvement will be:

    1. Provide the capital for our new venture together.
    2. Wait for our business to be constructed and to start
    3. Collect dividends monthly after it starts
      — We shall discuss dividends and find an equitable and agreeable share portions.
fast-action repairs
Fast-action repair and maintenance

Now, in your mind, you might be wondering:

“What would be my assurance that the money I put into this venture will return to me, let alone make profits and grow it?”


Here’s reality and the cold, hard, honest answer:

There are no assurances.


Let’s get this straight.

I will NOT promise the heavens to you.  When you capitalize your money, I will not promise to give you the moon, the stars, and all the wealth in the world.  I will not talk sweet words just to win your money.

I will not promise what I cannot 100% fulfill!

Let’s be realistic here…

You are financing and capitalizing into a business venture.  And businesses go boom (make profits) or go bust (lose money).  Businesses always have risks.

No business will be able to promise to you that they can make you money with zero risks involved.

Because if someone promises to you something like that, RUN! (Don’t walk, RUN!)  Because it’s probably not legit, and you don’t want trouble.


But having our system radically reduces that risk.  And having that said system significantly increases our chances of stability, consistency, and profitability.


On top of the said system, for your peace of mind, these are our realistic promises to you:

Risk Reduction

  • Your level of would-be-income will be directly related to my level of would-be-income.  Therefore, we have vested interest in making it consistent.
  • Your level of involvement (in terms of cash, credits, or resources) shall be met with our team’s efforts in building this venture.
  • You will have me as the brain and think-tank of your would-be business with me.
  • Since you are “acquiring a partnership” instead of “just hiring an employee”, you are assured that our team will have a sincere interest in maintaining and keeping our business profitable.
  • We will operate this business together in such a way that it allows our team to expand in our other ventures without leaving you behind—because we are aware that doing so would be unwise and detrimental to our profitability.


Now I understand that just by reading through this website, you’ll get excited and have questions—and you’ll probably want to clarify a lot of ideas here.  It’s also possible that you’ll want more information before you can make your decision, whether to be a creditor or partner.

Tell you what:  Why don’t we invite you over to our office, and join us to a lunch meeting (our treat—if you like lutong bahay).  This will be at no commitment on your part—and your opportunity to ask or clarify whatever questions or concerns you may have about these.

To give you an idea, when we meet, these are the topics we will discuss:

  1. Your initial capital
    1. Every business partner has different levels of involvement
  2. Potential Return of Capital (or some people call it ROI)
  3. How to generate your capital or where to get funds
  4. How to select which commercial space to rent
    1. Avoiding the single biggest mistake when selecting a commercial space to rent
    2. The optimum square footage or floor area per unit of computer
    3. Electrical requirements
      1. Commercial rates vs Residential rates (residential is NOT always cheaper!)
    4. Available Telecom Facilities
    5. Provisions for backups
  5. Our financial statistics and records for the past 12 months
    1. You will have ideas how the money is made
    2. For your peace of mind, you’ll get to know how the financial aspect of the business work.
  6. At the end of our meeting, if you are not yet ready, we will NOT YET ask you to get involved.
    1. You are welcome to analyze this business venture further, and do your homework.
    2. We will entertain you for your questions in case you have some.


If for anything else, just enjoy the lunch invitation as if it’s a social visit—we eat, we discuss ideas.

Server Station example
An example of our server station

But it’s only fair to inform you:  To maintain good quality of our work and efforts, we can only concentrate on one or two projects at a time.  Because of this, should someone else decide to do start a project with us before you do, we will give him / her our priority.

Likewise, if, after reviewing and clarifying everything with us, we are able to come up with an agreeable business arrangement together, we will prioritize you—and concentrate on our project, and put others on hold (not take other projects) while we complete yours.

This simply means that you are assured of our business relationship taken care of with professionalism and good work ethics.


Act fast and don’t waste time!  Pick up that phone and call me at 09175102257 (Philippines mobile).  If I fail to pick up your call, send me a text!  I will reply as soon as I’m free to talk, and let’s have that lunch or dinner discussion.  I’d be happy to show you all of what you can expect.


I’m looking forward to having a growing, profitable business relationship with you!  Bless you!

officeVery Truly Yours,

Tony Peña

your cybercafé partner and profit strategist

mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2257
office (philippines) 63.2.964.2150
office (usa voip) 1.626.789.7055



If, after reading all of these, you still believe that this is not worth your precious time and financial interest, or that all of this is just one big marketing gimmick, then yes, you may save yourself the trouble of coming here and getting to know us; but you may also miss out on a completely rewarding business relationship, with completely different results.

That’s why I am offering to you to get to know us, at no commitment whatsoever.

If, for nothing else, then at least you made a new friend in me.

Let’s talk.  Call me at 09175102257 and let’s schedule that lunch together.



Ahh yes…  Anthony Pena…  the great businessman who made it. His ideals and passion for excellence are at par with his status right now;  and still, he’s striving for more!  Never give up, never surrender.

that’s Anthony…  someone you can depend on, and a lot more.

Franco Ramillano
Systems Analyst
P&R Parts and Machineries, Inc.


He’s cool, he’s a businessman, and accomplished much at a young age.  He’s blessings only reflect the kind of person he really is.  He truly is the rock that anyone can depend on.

The Late Engr. Manny Rule, ECE
Quezon City


This guy is such a genius!

I learned a lot and got a lot of help from him.  I like his marketing savvy and persuasion techniques.  He even successfully persuaded me to have this testimonial despite I have thoughts that I don’t like making them.

When he says something, he means it!  Bottom line, he can really deliver.

Thanks Ton!

Candice Ybuan
HSBC Documentations Department


Anthony is a responsible, dependable, and reliable colleague.  Wisdom seems to come out of his thoughts and words.  He gives really good advices!  I like his super, extra, to the max positive attitude.

Honey Alesna
Accounts Executive
Summit Media


A great business-minded person.  I think he’s the most motivated person I know I can think of.

Ivy Jean Co
UBC Alumni


Anthony cares a lot for his colleagues.  I feel at ease working with this guy.  Also, he’s a good example of a person who sticks to his schedule–yet still have the time to have some fun.

Abegail Ong
Fraud Analyst


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